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Thanks for stopping by our Web Site! Here, you'll find out about Retired Racing Greyhounds

  • as the remarkable creatures they are,
  • as the victims of some shameful practices, and 
  • as the photogenic companions to the rest of us, now doing their racing through our hearts!
You will also find information about USA Defenders of Greyhounds, a multi-state, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to finding homes for these wonderful creatures.
USA Defenders of Greyhounds is one of the oldest and largest rescue organizations in the country, and one of a very fewretired greyhound multi-state groups which is totally independent from all aspects of the dog racing industry

We have a twofold mission:
  • Greyhound rescue, and
  • Public education of racing industry practices
Our ultimate goal is to bring an end to the use, abuse, and senseless destruction of greyhounds bred for racing. There have been many success stories over the past few years but there is much more work to be done.

greyhoundThe "kindest" fate that awaits the doomed racer is a lethal injection given by a track vet or technician at an animal shelter or pound. Other means include clubbing, shooting, and starvation. In coastal areas such as Florida, there have been instances (one in particular published in Readers Digest) of greyhounds boated out to sea and thrown overboard to drown or to be used as shark bait. In some of the worst cases, dogs have been left injured to endure the winter's cold or the summer's heat before death finally relieves their pain. 
Did you know that ...
  • Thousands of greyhounds are killed every year! Racing greyhounds that consistently fail to finish in the top four positions are destroyed to cut costs, when retired racers cannot be placed in loving homes, their fate becomes death, often called "sent back to the farm".
WITH YOUR HELP, we can put an end to the senseless destruction of these wonderful animals. Please join us!

P.O. Box 1256
Carmel, IN 46082
USA D.O.G. is a non-profit, all volunteer retired racing greyhound organization with no ties to the dog racing industry.
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